Lopesco has officially presented the new logo of the company in the largest international event of the industry, which took place in May in the city of Porto, Portugal.

"The goal of updating our logo is to reflect the change and evolution we began to experience this year. The logo represents a change of concept – starting from a reference to product attributes then moving to something more conceptual, representing the modernization and professionalization of the company, bundled with agility and commitment", according to Marcus Kienast, CEO of Adeste group and current Managing Director of Lopesco.

The change embodies the company focus in offering continued trust in the tradition of offering quality products, from now on coupled to focus on customer and its production technology, in order to secure productivity and quality in its production line.

The new company logo also represents the concept of “PACKING FLAVORS”. This new era of the company emphasizes the values ​of transparent relationships, dynamism, flexibility, care and above all the respect towards our customers, who aim to deliver quality products that simply “have it all” when it comes to the pleasure of tasting all kinds of sausages.
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