The company initiated its activity in the early 50's, as a family business. Growth came through the development of proprietary and innovative technology of processing the raw material and the strong ability in tendering to foreign markets. Already by the 70’s, Lopesco became the leading company in Brazil in its field and went on to assume the number 1 position as the largest processor of natural casings of bovine origin worldwide.

Today Lopesco continues to operate as the largest casing company in Latin America.

In other to guarantee an exceptional uniformity in its products, Lopesco developed an integrated structure, attaining excellency in the collection, manufacture and transportation of product. With its own fleet of trucks covering approximately 4 million kilometers per year, the company shines in supplying fresh raw material to the several plants operating in Brazil in six different States.
Brazil -
Rua Santo Antonio, 420
Bairro : Vila Santa Terezinha
CEP: 06317-900
TEL: +55 (11) 4182-8300

International -
Paes Leme:
Rua Paes Leme, 524 –
6º andar – Conj 63
Bairro Pinheiros
CEP: 05424-904
Tel: +55 (11) 3097-5544